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The Finishing Line

This is my final blog post for the foreseeable future.

That excellent hook is also a statement of fact. I will probably return at some point with some updates on my ‘journey’, but in terms of my general posts on autism and mental health that’s it for now.

I’d love to carry on writing this blog.  I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been superb therapy and some of the comments and messages I’ve had have been really heart-warming. But I need to stop writing for now. And I need to explain why…

Over the last few months I’ve come to a few conclusions about myself and where I’ve been going wrong in life, why I suffer from depression and anxiety, and why my working life hasn’t been as successful as it can be. The good news is that it’s enabled me to realise what I can do to improve, be comfortable with who I am and thrive in the future.

The blog has played an important and unexpected role in that. I started it to just get a few thoughts out there, open up about what’s going on and pass on a few hopefully interesting nuggets of information. One of the most important things that has happened is that I’ve rediscovered my love of writing.  I’m not bad at it, it’s good for my mental health and it really suits the way my brain is wired.

I recently wrote about how my brain focuses intently on a few things, but struggles to concentrate on others.  Well, it turns out that writing, and in particular blog writing, is one of those things I do concentrate on and thrive at.  I’ve kind of suspected that for a while, and my jobs have always contained an element of writing blogs, copy and/or articles, but this ‘journey of self-discovery’ (apologies for the absurdly pretentious phrase that makes me sound like a reality TV contestant) has really hammered home that fact and help me understand why.


What am I going to do with this knowledge?

text on shelfClearly I’ve thought long and hard about this.  My life situation and responsibilities are the fundamental non-health related drivers, so quitting work to write a free WordPress blog about adult autism isn’t really a viable option!

What is a viable option is looking at ways I can earn a bit of additional money from writing and take it from there.  I’ve been looking at guest blogging options, and a few of you may have seen my speculative email pitch offering my services.

That’s all a bit low key though, and low key doesn’t often achieve much.  So I’ve decided to try and take it to the next level. I want to be a blogger and copywriter, either freelance or in-house, either where I currently work or elsewhere.  It’s the best option for my well-being and mental health, as far as work goes.

The end game is do it full time, but I’m sensible and realistic enough to know that may take some time, or indeed never happen.  I’ve signed up for a business start-up training course to further explore that side of it.  I’m in the process of putting business, marketing and budgeting plans together and I’m drafting up a website. I’m also looking at courses to improve my skills.

Initially I just want to get a few hours work per week to build up my skills, my network and my portfolio.  I need to nail down specifically what I want to offer and I need to spread the word.  As it stands, I’d love to write copy, blogs and run social media accounts for local businesses and charities.  That way I can see the impact my work is having and I’ll be helping my local area and/or worthy causes.


Why can’t I carry on with this blog?

silver and gold coins

Everything I’ve mentioned above will involve plenty of work and effort.  Having a full time day job and a family means free time is at a premium and finding enough minutes to write this blog now is tricky enough. Throw in jobs like creating a new website and writing plans will only further diminish my windows of opportunity. Plus…

I need to start writing more diverse articles, completely separate to this. To show that I can write on topics other than autism and mental health. I also need to write blogs that will connect with my desired audience and engage them.

It’s something I really want and need to focus on in order to make it work. I completely believe it can and it will make me happier, massively improve my well-being and allow me to thrive.

Now it’s just a case of doing it!



As I mentioned at the start, I will occasionally post stuff on here to let you know about my Adult Autism Adventure. I’m currently still awaiting the follow up appointment following my initial assessment.  I’ve no idea how long it will take or what it will involve, but I’ve become OK with that. I’ve accepted that regardless of a formal diagnosis I’ve got more than enough autistic traits to consider myself autistic.  I need to live and prosper with that knowledge.

Whilst it’s a big deal it’s not something that I want to hold me back. Indeed, it’s something that I can use to my advantage (No, I don’t mean I want to park closer to Morrisons!) and help improve my future and that of the people close to me.

There may also be the occasional post on her about my new work venture.  File those under ‘shameless self-promotion’, but only AFTER you’ve helped spread the word, visited my new site and had a think about potential clients for me!

So thank you for reading this blog and hopefully you’ll be reading a lot more of my content in the future.

thank you text on black and brown board

Author: Simon Day

I'm a content writer and blogger covering Worcestershire and beyond. Check out my work at

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