Carry on blogging?

A short post just to thank everyone for reading so far, plus a brief look at what I’m going to be written about next…

The most important thing to say in this post is a huge thank you. I’ve appreciated all the messages and support. It’s a pretty testing time at the minute and getting this off my chest has been a great help.  So whether you’re a friend, colleague, family member or somebody I’ve not spoken to since the last millenium, thank you.

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So far, I’ve written a pretty candid and personal account of my experiences of adult autism.  In all honesty, it’s felt a bit necessary but directionless, like a big brain dump. I’ve had a decent amount of views (over 1,000 in fact), some lovely, positive feedback and I’ve really enjoyed writing it, so I want to carry it on for the foreseeable.

I blog as part of my day job and I’m always looking for angles that will enable me to write a series of blogs. So if I’m struggling for ideas, I’ve got a few things ‘in the bank’ that I can write about.  I also think it helps attract new readers by giving the blog an identity, and keeps existing readers coming back for more.

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There are plenty of excellent blogs and vlogs by autistic adults out there, and the vast majority are aimed at fellow autistic people. And that’s great, it’s fantastic to discover that other people are in the same boat as you and the mutual help that goes on is great. Plus, getting those thoughts in writing acts as an important therapy for some people, myself included.

But I don’t really want this blog to just go in that direction. Instead, I want to aim for the people who don’t know what it’s like to be autistic…yes I’m talking about (de de der…) non autistic people!


Why should you care?

Yes you, you so-called neurotypical people account for 99% of the population. Which is clearly a pretty hefty percentage, but flip it round and if you think that 1 in 100 people have autism, suddenly autism doesn’t sound like a particularly rare condition.

Most people will know (knowingly or not) at least one autistic person. Be that a friend, a work colleague, someone they play sport with, a neighbour or whatever else. Indeed, plenty of people will know multiple autistic people. But there’s a pretty high chance that you won’t really know much about the condition. After all, why would you? I certainly didn’t before I realised that I probably had it!

By knowing more about autism, it can help you know what to do around autistic people and understand their behaviour and differences. Although, as always, it comes with the caveat – all autistic people are different.

It’s also a really interesting subject. I’m still getting to grips with many elements of it. I’m learning new terms like stimming, masking and various new acronyms. I’m discovering that I’ve been doing things all my life that have indicated that I’m autistic. There are also plenty of things I don’t do that many autistic people do.

So, whilst I’ll still be providing updates on my progress through the whole diagnosis process and what’s happening with my life (well, the bits that are blog relevant!), I’ll be exploring different traits, behaviours and terminology relating to autism and specifically adult autism. All aimed at improving both mine and your understanding of the subject.

And what better place to start than the age-old question of what do I do to stimulate myself?

As ever, I’d be grateful to anyone who shares, retweets, tells their friends or whatever else this blog. You can also subscribe by clicking the button on the right.

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